Press Release: Pro Tempore Seeks Support For Farmers After Flooding

Posted on March 15, 2016

Senate President Pro Tempore Hugh Leatherman released the following statement after today’s Senate Finance Committee meeting:

“Last October, our state was hit with an unprecedented natural disaster after the historic levels of rainfall and flooding nearly crippled South Carolina. While so many people were impacted in our state, it’s important that we don’t forget our agriculture community.

The Senate is strongly committed to taking the steps needed to help farmers in our state get back on their feet. There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to this issue. The Senate Finance Committee examined many of them today, but there are more details to be worked out as this process moves forward. We also took a major step today by approving a favorable report with amendments out of committee.

I know the farmers that I represent in Florence and Darlington counties are hurting. The same goes for so many farmers throughout our entire state.

We need to give them something they can count on. Right now, the bill that is being considered would allow $40 million to be appropriated to help farmers in South Carolina. We need to make sure we are not only designating the right amount, but also doing it quickly. If not, we’ll clearly see a snowball effect. The longer farmers wait to get assistance, the worse their problems will get.

While we want to make sure every cost is justified and verified, we also want to make sure every farmer is helped and treated fairly. I look forward to the bill being debated and hopefully passed by the full Senate.”

Paid for by Leatherman for Senate  •  1817 Pineland Ave.  •  Florence, SC 29501

Paid for by Leatherman for Senate
1817 Pineland Ave.  •  Florence, SC 29501